skin by livstid

Skin by Livstid developed from an interest to learn and understand Skin Histology. 

As a graduate of the Dermalogica Academy in New York City, I picked a program that would not only allow me to help clients and friends attain healthy skin, but would also allow for an open dialogue and communication about the science of skin. 

As the largest organ of the human body, it is as complex and fascinating as any functioning organism. It is important to not only seek the outward results, but to understand why we see them.

Skin by Livstid is meant to be a resource, community and place of empowerment. 

We will discuss common concerns, talk about market products, and consult with some of  the brightest and most talented professionals in the Skin industry.

We also want talk with you, send us your questions, your thoughts and your stories.  We want to provide a forum for education through informed knowledge. The only type of education that matters.



-Skin by Livstid