Facial Oils and Who should use them

The Science behind facial oils, and who should use them

A video by You Tuber Stephanie Nicole helps to finally, illustrate why facial oils are a necessary step in your routine. 

I have this conversation with just about every first time client that I have. Every, new client. And for every client that I have this conversation with, if they take in and give the science a try, their skin has ALWAYS benefited from the lesson learned. 


Yep. In some capacity, in a monitored amount, of course, varying by skin type and current condition.

Stephanie, a makeup artist as well as a licensed esthetician ( you have no idea the surprising rarity this is) gives a great introductory video on facial oils.

She talks about brand Sunday Riley, (which is doing hugely well right now), and I have my own gripe about them and the formulations; but the message is still there. 

Have a quick lesson and watch her video below! Your skin will thank you!