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how to apply  your eye cream


From one of our fave Celebrity Skin Therapists Nedira Joy, a short video on why and how to apply your eye cream. Nedira explains why you shouldn't be using your face cream for your eyes.  Click above to view and follow Nedira on YouTube at @asknedirajoy!

*Note: We would add that as Nedira mentions apply your eye cream in a light padding motion around your orbital bone. Product travels, placing product to close to your eye just increases the risk of product getting into your eye and eye irritation.


Rosacea and the health of your digestive system are interestingly connected. Check out this little infographic we made using Vennage a free creative site. Here's to knowledge! 

HOW THE SUN SEES YOU - was one of the first and most impactful videos I was exposed to during my skin education. It visually demonstrates the importance of sun protection in skin health. Sun damage or "Photo Aging" is the number one cause of premature aging, and skin damage. SPF is important for EVERYONE, and it's never too early to start.  We will discuss this topic more and talk about some recommended sunscreens for your arsenal of skin health.


By : Thomas Leveritt


POWER PEPTIDES FOR YOUR SKIN -  Another great informational video from the International Dermal Institute, reviewing Peptides and their use within skin care products. Dr. Diana Howard, Vice President of Research at the International Dermal Institute, holds a Ph.D in Plant Bio-Chemicals, has over 32 years in the cosmetic industry. For those looking for some real information from the experts formulating you skin care products, dive in. 


BY: InternationalDermalInstitute