Grace Neutral Explores K-pop Beauty Culture in South Korea

Grace Neutral a London based Tattoo artists travels to South Korea with i-D to explore the world of K-beauty and the underground world of Tattoo Artistry; which is illegal there.

I loved watching this. It was such an interesting look into a world and culture that I knew only surface things about. K-beauty in our western view, is this phenomenon of new developmental science and genius marketing that has exposed the daily beauty achievements of Korean women everywhere. Korean women are known for their astounding beauty, and their dedication to maintaining it. But is there another side? Has the indirect presence of this emerging marketing caused young girls and women to never be satisfied.

Grace meets a young local during her trip, that decides she wants to tell her parents about her tattoos that she has hid from them for years. Grace is asked, for moral support, to be at the meeting where parent and daughter collide and the conversation is heart breaking, honest and  amazing to watch.