Herbal Skincare

Looking to Nature to preserve our skin health

Here at SkinxLivstid, we love our science and the advancements in ingredient technologies that have brought the Skincare industry out of the 80's and into the present day. All around, there have been some invaluable progress to sourcing and creating, result driven ingredients that are both effective and more gentle to the skin than ever before. 

On the other side of that same coin, as a result of advancements in industrial and cosmeceutical technologies there has been a lag in making sure we are reaching these milestones sustainably and ethically. Industrial waste, animal testing and adverse side effects are just a few of the less glamorous but all too real issues on the table. 

At Skin, we believe that there is a way to strike a safe and sustainable balance between what we create and the impact it leaves behind.  We should all, in all aspects of our lives, be asking the questions "Where did this come from?" "How was this made?" "Can I understand what's in it?" We should all be looking to take an active part in supporting products and practices that protect our environment and our ethics. 

In our own journey to do this, we have started to look at how we at SkinxLivstid can promote these ideals. Earlier this year, we began our course work on herbalism to better understand how our native plants can play a more highlighted role in our health and the health of our skin. We have also renewed our commitment to promoting products that care about where their ingredients come from, and how they are created. Some of our favorites already champion these ideals, and we will continue to add more to the bunch. 


Journey back to Earth

In our return to nature for the bountiful benefits available, we have discovered some trusted and valued teachers and mentors, who have and are contributing invaluable wisdom on how to look to nature safely.

  Herbalist / Teacher Rosemary Gladstar

Herbalist / Teacher Rosemary Gladstar

In our study we immediately came across Rosemary Gladstar, one of the fields honored advocates of the revival of herbalism and natural healing in the U.S. 

She has practiced, lectured, taught, created and founded sanctuaries for the preservation of this ancient practice. 

Rosemary, has several books to her credit, and we discovered one that paired well with our interest of applying herbal ingredients to treating and preserving our skin and skin health. 

Her book, Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, (Storey Publishing, 2008) is a great resource for those of us looking to learn a bit more about using herbs in practice.  You can find more about it here.


In 2011 Rosemary penned a great intro article with excerpts from her book in relation to herbal ingredients for skincare and skin health. Written for the online version of Mother Earth News,  a printed publication for natural living, Rosemary offers a great resource for getting started and understanding some of the great ingredients nature has to offer. 

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More to come... 

At Skin, we are passionate about learning and sharing that knowledge with our readers and clients. So we are going to compliment our Skin Theory posts we will be making sure to add info on how we can incorporate some all natural ingredients and products to our knowledge library.  Here at Table Talk we plan on exploring the conversations around the "all natural" skin movement, and share more on our view of creating synergy between both nature and science. 

-XOXO Skin

For more on Rosemary and her great work check out her website here.